Keep Your Pants Up!

About a week ago, my friend contacted me for advice.  His problem was that when he'd carry, his pants would keep coming down.  

I replied that he needed a new belt, one made for carrying a holster.  He replied that he didn't think that was the case, that he didn't think a proper gun belt would help him.  Now, that's a typical response from a lot of people.  The thing is, a little bit of sag on one side starts the pants slipping down, which is usually all it takes to have a problem.  For some people, even a heavy duty work belt isn't enough, depending on their body shape and the size and weight of the gun they carry.

A good gun belt will be very stiff, usually 2 layers of leather stitched together.  They come in all sorts of designs, so you can easily find one that works for you.  There's several manufacturers listed on our Trusted Vendor page.

Bad Belt

Good Belt

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